Internet Think Tank is a science and technology research institute dedicated to innovation and scientific exploration. The institute focuses on fundamental and applied research spanning communication theory, cybersecurity, blockchain technology, space sciences, and artificial intelligence. We believe that an interdisciplinary research approach combined with collaborations across academic, government and private sectors results in significant discoveries.

Our Mission. Our mission is to contribute high quality innovative research and solutions across science and technology domains. Internet Think Tank is committed to its long-standing roots in fundamental and applied research. We embrace collaboration as a means to evaluate different perspectives and to analyze various dimensions of a complex problem. Furthermore, we leverage collaborations to realize solutions that have impact across multiple sectors. Internet Think Tank's mission is to continously ask 'what if' and explore uncharted research territory.
Innovation is our Passion. Internet Thank Tank was founded during the birth of the World Wide Web, contributing to early rich web interface applications during the dawn of the Internet. Since then, Internet Think Tank has spearheaded numerous research initiatives to advance the state of the art. In response to COVID-19, the institute is helping to reinvent the future of contact tracing, combining blockchain and artificial intelligence to develop a global platform that alerts individuals of exposure to infectious diseases. We lead research in renewable energy, environmental sustainability, alleviating poverty, artificial intelligence, communication theory, and space sciences. Internet Think Tank continues to focus on innovation with widespread impacts is space, healthcare, networking, cybersecurity, and bahavioral science domains.
A Long-term Research Partner. From our origins in technology research, Internet Think Tank has partnered with corporations and governments to deliver innovative solutions and analytics that improve best practices. We take a partnership approach to observe existing processes and outcomes. We apply a variety of math modeling techniques to understand root cause and solution approaches. Internet Think Tank also conducts sponsored research to explore new areas of interest to corporate and government sectors.

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