The tipping point of the digital revolution arrived in 2002 when the world began storing more information in digital format than analog. In 2008, Blockchain technology further enabled society to represent physical cash in a digital form, opening a wide range of applications involving transactions of unique assets. PwC regards Blockchain as the eighth breakthrough technology that "will be the most influential on businesses worldwide in the very near future." Internet Think Tank believes this technology requires significant research focus to better understand its many valuable use-cases.

Blockchain and AI
Blockchains provide an immutable trail to track the development of the data flows and complex behaviors of AI-based systems. By tracking changes in AI data processing and each decision-making chain, society gains more understanding and confidence in the decisions made by those systems. Human users will have a clear trail to trace back the machine decision-making process, allowing us to explain those decisions much easier. In the case of unfortunate incidents, these blockchain-based trails will be essential to determining whether humans or machines are at fault. Since 2018, Internet Think Tank has led research in Blockchain-AI synergies and presented our Merger of Blockchain and AI Roadmap at Microsoft in Malvern, Pennsylvania in 2019.
Blockchain Satellites
Intersatellite links (ISLs) create reliable transaction pathways between various satellites, enabling those constellations to work as a network of data relay nodes. To improve speed of data delivery to Earth, Blockchain satellites are able to transact data across nodes with reliable traceability while accelerating data delivery to Earth through satellites positioned over ground stations. Internet Think Tank is actively launching blockchain satellites in an ongoing investigative effort to improve fast and reliable data delivery between diverse satellite networks and ground stations.
Moving toward Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystems
Managing blockchains through cloud access is the next step in the evolution of blockchain technologies and establishing a standard Blockchain ecosystem for decentralized application development. Internet Think Tank is working with several industrial partners, including eVoluteIQ, to merge blockchain networks and cloud computing. These cloud based Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are allowing graphical based programming, secure, Turing-complete software programming, and scalable integrations with other systems and software.

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