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Cyber Security

Adopt our data driven frameworks
Cyber attacks are among the most challenging threats to organizations worldwide. Government agencies and companies are faced with defending against a wide array of cyber crimes, including system intrusions, fraud, cyber espionage, and piracy. Internet Think Tank helps firms solve these challenges by providing management consulting and framework development for a comprehensive cyber attack response.

Security Information and Event Management

Before devising a cyber security solution, we start by measuring your organization's security information and events. We track both potential and actual attacks to profile where an organization is effectively defending against cyber threats and where threats remain high. New defense measures are based on protecting high priority assets and tightening security vulnerabilities. These defense measures are structured into a response framework that evolves with changing threat patterns.

Developing a Cyber Security Response Framework

Every company has unique needs based on industry, organizational size and structure. Internet Think Tank builds cyber security response frameworks that are based on a thorough analysis of your organization, whether it be in the public or private sector. In addition to assessing each organization's particular vulnerabilities and objectives, we also bring research findings of how cyber attacks are trending in specific industries. This allows your cyber security planning to incorporate defenses for emerging threats based on the lessons learned from other attacks across industries. Our research on trending attack profiles (types of cyber crimes most commonly committed) and attack vectors (specific methods cyber attackers use and who they target) provides a basis for critical business decisions to protect valuable assets that have a high probability of attack. It also leads to forward thinking preventive measures that defend against future potential attacks.

Strengthen your defense

Internet Think Tank's cyber security research and custom framework models can provide a sound approach for defending against cyber attacks.



Which attack profiles threaten your business?

Attack profiles describe the types of cyber crimes committed in the Internet theater. And some are trending stronger than ever before.

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