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Is piracy affecting your industry?

Online piracy affects many types of goods traded online, but most notably are pure information assets such as music, motion pictures, print media and software. The history of each industry has shown significant challenges around the impact online piracy has had on revenue. Naturally, piracy has become such a concern to industry leaders, that piracy trends now play a major role in product pricing. Some products experience what is called the "piracy effect" where prices are depressed due to fear consumers will opt for pirated goods rather than paying for the legitimate version.

Recent piracy trends in the music industry, one of the most severely impacted of digital assets, have shown an interesting downturn, at least in certain regions of the world. Since the 1970s, when cassette tapes emerged and gave consumers the new power to easily copy songs with a tape recorder, piracy has been on the rise -- and in a strong way. The shift to compact disc (CD) and now digital media has only made piracy easier and pirated songs more easily transferrable over the Internet. Interestingly, however, the very digital technologies that enabled piracy to mature over the past decades have now given rise to a technology innovation that is reducing piracy, digital streaming. The music industry is now seeing drops in piracy rates by as much as 17%. This is no doubt good news for the music industry, but these recent trends can shift yet again depending on how technology innovation shapes consumer behavior.

Emerging digital tools may either encourage more legitimate music consumption through streaming-like services, where consumers find it easier to access legitimate songs over the cloud rather than spending time downloading files that would potentially include malware, or they can bring back the days of runaway piracy by making it easier than ever to rip songs from popular streaming sites.

For industry managers, the key is understanding what is driving piracy trends and where is piracy in your industry headed. Internet Think Tank has developed models to give managers better insight into how their industry could be effected and how that could change your bottom line.

Our frameworks help to tie together results from our models with management process recommendations that are designed specifically for the unique structures, policies and practices of your organization. In all of our frameworks, we build designs that can evolve over time, helping you implement realist proof of concepts and enhancing them into mature frameworks.

Let's talk about the trends of piracy in your industry and we can build a response framework that is right for you.

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