COVIDblocked is one of the world's first contact tracing platform that runs globally on a blockchain to host a variety of contact detection devices. Developed at Internet Think Tank, the prototype is able to support both mobiles and wearables as detection devices. It is also capable of supporting extended devices such as temperature sensors and proximity detection cameras. Using a private blockchain, COVIDblocked is being futher enhanced by a global consortium of organizations that will use COVIDblocked for COVDID-19 and future epidemics/pandemics.

COVIDblocked is a contact tracing application based on blockchain technology that permits secure and anonymous tracing using mobile and wearable devices. It uniquely supports any Bluetooth-enabled mobile or wearable device for close contact detection once integrated to its network. The blockchain also makes this solution highly scalable for implementing anywhere in the world and beneficial for notifying people traveling internationally, all while following CDC and privacy guidelines. COVIDblocked is designed for anyone to use ‑ from children to seniors. Users are notified if they have come in either direct or indirect contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The tool also uniquely provides trends and recommendations to help minimize the risk of exposure by promoting appropriate social distancing practices. An admin portal provides facilities, such as campuses, offices and residences, with rich data to help organizations avoid potential outbreaks.
The COVIDblocked project was launched in April, 2020 by Professor Hasshi Sudler. He was joined by Dr. Xun Jiao, assistant professor at Villanova University, specializing in AI and IoT technologies. The aim was to develop a highly secure contact tracing solution that could support various proximity detection devices and run on a scalable blockchain that anonymously traces user contacts. On April 22, professors Sudler and Jiao presented to the US Congress (US House Energy and Commerce Committee) the blockchain contact tracing solution. R3, a major blockchain firm, supported the project by granting access to its Corda enterprise blockchain license. In May, Villanova University launched a collaboration with Presbyterian Senior Living to apply the solution to one of the most vulnerable populations of COVID-19 ‑ our seniors. Today, Internet Think Tank continues to mature the technology with its collaboration partners.

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