COVIDblocked Contact Tracking App

COVIDblocked is a global contact tracing solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other future infectious diseases around the world. COVIDblocked is a contact tracing application based on blockchain technology that permits secure and anonymous tracing using mobile and wearable devices. It uniquely supports any Bluetooth-enabled mobile or wearable device for close contact detection once integrated to its network. The blockchain also makes this solution highly scalable for implementing anywhere in the world and beneficial for notifying people traveling internationally, all while following CDC and privacy guidelines. COVIDblocked is designed for anyone to use, from children to seniors. Users are notified if they have come in either direct or indirect contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is symptomatic. The tool also uniquely provides trends and recommendations to help minimize the risk of exposure by promoting appropriate social distancing practices. And an admin portal provides facilities, such as campuses, offices and residences, with rich data to help organizations avoid potential outbreaks. The illustration below highlights four key features of COVIDblocked.
The OMNI-LER1 Blockchain Satellite

The mission objective of the OMNI-LER1 satellite is to conduct research experiments of on-board blockchain technology to measure performance, behavior, latency, and reliability of blockchain transactions in LEO. Experiments will include transactions of data acquired from on-board sensors and use of smart contracts for automated transactions. Experiments will be conducted over a three-year period to determine blockchain limitations, behavioral response due to potential radiation-induced errors, and overall performance for data fulfillment.

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