Research Collaborations

Internet Think Tank welcomes collaborations with governments, non-government organizations (NGOs) and private companies to advance science and technology in a variety of areas. We currently maintain collaborations in areas of satellite technology, communications theory, AI and healthcare. We also look for new strtegic collaborations that results in the creation and sharing of new knowledge.
Sponsored Research

Corporations, governments and NGOs may wish to commission Internet Think Tank for its expertise to conduct independent and objective research studies. Our staff of academic professionals will work with your organization to define research objectives and dedicate a team to each investigation, experimentation and authorship of the research. All results are published in scholarly journals for public access.
Talks and Lectures

Internet Think Tank is pleased to present our research to audiences around the world to share our findings and oppinions. Our institute can arrange presentations or focused talks on topics covered by our research, as well as participate in panel discussions exploring a topic area. Please contact us with your topic interests.

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