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Benefits of Scoring Engines

It takes a village to defend against cyber threats

Using "collective knowledge" is the best way to defend against cyber threats. Organizations responding only to their individual cyber attacks is like a herd attacked one sheep at a time. Responding to the attacks of other organizations means that an attack on one is an attack on all. And this leads to organizations learning from eachother's experiences, strengthening defenses for everyone based on the attacks experienced by a few. This is the best way to respond to known attack vectors being used by cyber attackers.

The power of scoring engines is that they aggregate and score which forms of attack are on the rise and recommends how to strengthen your defenses. Scoring engines are intelligence. They inform you where your organization is well defended and where it is vulnerable.

But simply knowing your vulnerabilities is not enough. In the end, you need to make prioritization decisions about where to invest in your security infrastructure. This is where scoring engines stand out. They put numbers that highlight the value of a vulnerability. And they correlate that data with the history of attacks both in your organization and attacks experienced in the industry. Also, they use scoring to inform you of the probability of attacks under various scenarios.

Scoring engines help to automate analytical processes that could otherwise be highly manual. With scoring engines, your data can be routinely gathered and analyzed through algorithms that provide timely intelligence about your cyber security situation. They can be configured to collect data from various sources, both internally and externally to give you a complete picture of how you are positioned in the world of cyber threats. Scoring engines provide exceptional value when it comes to measuring, analyzing and deciding on time critical investments that shape the survival of your organization.

Internet Think Tank is experienced in developing data rich and easy to use scoring engines for our clients. We produce effective scoring engines with dashboard and reporting features, customizable analytics and linking features to various data input sources. With our scoring engines and data intelligence, your management will be in full control of your cyber security destiny.

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