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From design to deployment
Cyber security solutions can involve a combination of process enhancements and information technology. Our technology services are available to deliver system architecture and software solutions for a complete security defense. Technology services are applied to manage:

1. Operational Analytics

Operational analytics technology can analyze network and system events to identify emerging cyber threats, where they are occurring, when they take place, and sources of the attack. This information management is key to periodic strategy reviews and facilitates the process of collecting event data essential for such reviews.

2. Strategic Analytics

Strategic analytics enables companies to assess security performance over time and prepare timely data for policy and spending decisions. Strategic analytics can involve the creation of scoring engines that rank quarterly security performance against organizational objectives, financial impact, security gaps, and return on investment (ROI).

Delivering full cyber security solutions

Internet Think Tank Technology Services can also be customized to meet specific needs of your organization. All technology solutions are designed to complement our framework approach, creating a robust front and back office cyber defense. Our development teams are highly experienced and ready to partner with your IT staff to design and build systems that can integrate into your existing infrastructure and data management standards.

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Leverage Internet Think Tank to design a custom scoring engine that ties your cyber events to real decisions.

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