Dynamics of Online Piracy

Internet Think Tank contributes to fundamental research in the field of anti-piracy as it relates to online piracy of pure information assets (music, motion pictures, print media and software). Through our published research in recognized business journals and book contributions, we work to improve society's ability to detect contributing factors to online piracy and how industries can take proactive steps to reduce piracy.
The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most significant technologies that will shape advances in cyber security. From event monitoring systems to predictive analytics, Internet Think Tank believes research into AI will help provide more rapid real time evaluation of cyber attacks across a wider footprint of vulnerable systems and operational assets. AI holds the potential to not only detect cyber attacks, but to also select appropriate responses based on well designed frameworks that thwart attacks much faster than humans can take action.
Blockchain Technology

Internet Think Tank conducts research on blockchain networks, an emerging technology that introduces a novel approach to securing transactions against fraud and manipulation. Combined with encryption methods, blockchains can be applied to a wide variety of use-cases. From healthcare to space applications, blockchains are being adopted across industries at very fundamental levels. The APPS framework, developed at Internet Think Tank, categorizes major blockchain use-cases into Asset Management, Payments, Public Records, and Supply Chain Management.

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